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San Francisco Bay Area LiveJournal

Fog, traffic, and the best food in the world. :)

San Francisco Bay Area
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Find out what fellow LiveJournal users in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are doing socially!
This open community is a great place to find out what's happening in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Everyone is welcome to join this community now!  You need to join to post.

While the purpose of this community is to provide information, this community should not be mistaken with a place to advertise (or worse, spam!) about Web sites that only have a loose connection with local events.  If you wish to post links to Web sites, be sure that they are dedicated to upcoming events... such as the Web site for a convention that's coming up in San Francisco, or one that covers what's playing at the San Jose Arena.

This is not a community where you may directly sell stuff such as concert tickets or VIP passes to any sort of event, local or otherwise.  Inquisitive posts are okay, though... and one introduction post is encouraged.  Just use your best judgment, and you won't be removed and banned from the group unless you blatently break a rule.  If you're not sure about a post you want to make, feel free to ask the group's maintainer.  Spammers will be removed and banned from the group immediately.

At the request of a member of this community, I now ask that you please use the LJ Cut tag to stop large images from appearing on aggregated post displays (such as Friends pages) and breaking layouts, or causing users to scroll multiple times to get past the image and read below.  The LJ Cut tag is as easy to use as the <img> tag, so you have no excuse not to use it.  Here's an example of using it in your post's body to stop an image from appearing without an additional click:

<lj-cut text="Click here to see the flyer!"><img src="http ://www.mywebsite.com/myflyer.jpg" width="600" height="400" alt="Party at Moscone Center" border="0" /></lj-cut>

Please use the LJ Cut code on all images that are animated in any strongly eye-catching fashion and/or that have more than a few frames of animation, images that have dimensions greater than 400 pixels in width and/or greater than 250 pixels in height, if you're posting more than one image, and/or any type of content of the "multimedia" variety (Flash, movies, etc.) as well.  I will not ban you for not doing this, but I reserve the right to delete your post and send it back to you in an e-mail or something.

This community is maintained by Chris&apos; User Informationtidus.  Feel free to contact him with any suggestions, concerns, or questions you have.  :)