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(I've posted this sort of thing here a couple years ago and it was well received; but of course, in the spirit of the missions of lj communities, please do let me know if you'd rather not have posts like this in the community, and I will respectfully take it down.)

Do you have a huge mess?
No time to clean between work, kids, pets, etc.?
Dishes pile up so much that you've forgotten you even have a kitchen counter?
Laundry to the ceiling?

Then I can help!
I have been cleaning for years, and have references available. I am most helpful with bigger messes.
Tasks that I can help with include doing dishes and general kitchen clean-up; doing & folding laundry; organizing clothes drawers and closets; sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping; sorting papers and books; and more!
I can even offer childcare, elder and disabled companionship, some cooking, and some secretarial help. If you have other odd jobs you need help with, let's talk!

The best part is, my fare is negotiable. We can discuss what fee would be the most convenient for the both of us. I know how expensive services are in this city, and that those who need help the most often are those who cannot afford the standard rates. I am here to help you!

I am located in Twin Peaks, but will be happy to travel anywhere in San Francisco that is accessible by public transportation!
I will be leaving my full time job in a few weeks, so I will be available to help you on a regular basis! Weekly, bi-weekly, you name it!

Thank you for reading. Email me at richips @ livejournal.com to discuss the possibilities. I look forward to meeting you!



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